Preferences for the Fall 2022 Program - That is the QUESTION!

Here we are, almost 2½ years into the COVID pandemic. Everyone has experienced some impact.

Congratulations on your resilience and steadfastness  reflected in your ongoing engagement with The Learning Collaborative and your ability to stay active and engaged during these unprecedented times.

With the approval of our host, the New City Jewish Center, we will be holding some on-site classes in the Fall of 2022. Be assured that we will strictly follow CDC guidelines, with these conditions:

  • All students must show proof of two vaccinations and at least one booster
  • Masks must be worn
  • Only the largest (well-ventilated) rooms will be used
  • Seating will include spaces between each chair
  • We will be holding mid- and late-morning classes only, with no gatherings for food and drink
  • You may bring water with you to classes

In order to determine how many onsite classes to schedule, we are including a simple survey (see below) and ask you to let us know how you feel about Zoom vs. on-site for the Fall 2022 program.

IMPORTANT:  Please do NOT to respond to this Survey
if you responded to the NCJC version of this communication sent on July 6th.