June 8 Period 3, Summer 2021

What is Yoga?

Most people think that yoga means putting a young and flexible body into pretzel-like positions. But that’s only one part of yoga. Beyond a fitness and wellness trend, the ancient practice of yoga has Eight Limbs. You’ll find out about yoga philosophy, morality, and yoga breathing, and much more. You will also discover why yoga has endured for millennia, why it’s practiced by hundreds of millions of people of all ages around the globe, and why the medical community embraces yoga for treatment of common ailments (including back pain, arthritis, stress management, and more). The class is taught by a yoga instructor who undertook yoga teacher training at age 63 and who believes in aging well!

Course Dates:

Course time:
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Instructor: Linda Hoju Strauss

Course Type: Online