Period 3, Session 2, Spring 2022

2.3.4 Artist’s Process: Unpacking the Creative Process versus Performing!

Join the artists of Together in Dance as they take you behind the scenes in the life of an artist. In this series, we will compare and contrast the difference between creation of a work versus performing in one that’s already established. You’ll talk with dancers, choreographers, songwriters, and actors who are currently working members of the theater and dance industries who have performed on Broadway, in Europe, Asia, and everywhere in between. Our artists will walk you through their journey from first notes all the way to the spotlight. You’ll see excerpts of their work and hear them describe their artistic collaborations and process. These creators and performers can’t wait to share their artistic journeys and talents with you, because getting to opening night is half the fun! NEW MATERIAL!

Course Dates:

Course time:
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Instructor: Katie Palmer

Course Type: Online