Rick Feingold

Rick Feingold holds a B.A. in History and Business from Rutgers and an M.B.A. from Penn State. He has 30 years of teaching experience, currently teaching “American Business History” and “The Air Force in World War II” at Bergen Community College. He also teaches at Ridgewood Community School and Emerson Community School. He has lectured at over fifty local libraries and has written for the Boston Herald and Christian Science Monitor.

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Escape from Behind Enemy Lines  

During WW II, an escape network operated in occupied France that returned down allied airmen to England. The network located the airmen and hid them from the Germans utilizing a series of safe-houses. Once a month – during dark of the moon – the men were transported to the Brittany coast and then to England. Rick will recount the story of how his father, an Army Air Force navigator, shot down over France, escaped Nazi capture. The escape story is told using letters, maps, photos, and the original fake identity cards.

The Company Town – Factory Work in the Gilded Age, -Sparrows Point, Maryland

Steel factories and coal mines built company towns in the late 19th century to house their workers. The company owner controlled the schools, prohibited the sale of alcohol, and established a moral police force to keep records of the behavior of residents. Obedience to the boss was required. Residents shopped at the company store. Infractions of the rules resulted in sudden evictions. Features “Sixteen Tons” (“I Sold My Soul to the Company Store”.).