Richard Markowitz

Richard Markowitz has made a lifelong study of domestic and foreign record catalogs (from 78s to LPs and CDs) and has focused in detail on the history of sound recordings and published scores in the areas of concert works, folksong, and musical theater.

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2.2.2Z Personalities of the 1920s

The decade of the 1920s is now celebrating its hundredth anniversary. Through recorded interviews with and about the foremost personages of that time, many still remembered (Clara Bow, Willa Cather, Clarence Darrow), others mostly forgotten (Ganna Walska, Miguel Covarubias, W. T. Benda), we will acquire a picture of what this fascinating decade was like, with attention to the arts, literature, journalism, science, politics, sports, and daily life.  To follow along (highly recommended), you may request texts in advance. Forward your email address to Richard at and he will email the texts to you before class. NEW!