The Learning Collaborative attracts a vibrant group of instructors, ensuring an ongoing stream of long-term and new educators. Many bring an intense passion for their subject, which while not necessarily connected to their earlier careers, is deeply learned and embraced.  Our student body often expresses its enthusiasm for these instructors. 
We listen to them!

Joan Whitacre

Joan Whitacre, M.A., R.S.M.T., Dir. of Embody the Journey and Whole Women Healing, is a registered somatic-movement therapist, a meditation teacher in Tibetan Buddhism, and a writer. Since 1971, she has offered private practice/teaching in embodied presence for healing, stress reduction, and creative living, with an emphasis on women’s needs.

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Bette Willins

Bette Willins, M.S., LDT-C**, 200HR RYT*** is a certified yoga instructor holding advanced degrees in education from Fordham and educational diagnostics from Monclair State. Her teaching experience has targeted the specific educational needs for learners of all ages and abilities. Bette’s personal experience, with the challenges associated with Parkinson’s Disease, has broadened her passion to acknowledge the needs of the whole person, specifically through the practice of yoga, breathing, and meditative exercise. Bette’s expertise in this field, coupled with her compassion, empowers her students to develop the necessary skill set to address a wide range of physical, cognitive and emotional…

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