Marcia Simon

Marcia Simon wrote A Special Gift after taking a class on writing children’s books at Radcliffe College. She did her research at the Papermill Playhouse in N.J., where a friend’s daughter was dancing in The Nutcracker. While she was backstage watching the show, several of the boys in the program came up to her to tell her how hard it was for them to dance in public because they were teased by kids at school. That became the subject of Marcia’s novel about a brother and sister who dance in The Nutcracker.

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Review of A Special Gift

Marcia will discuss a children’s book, that she authored, that tells the story of a boy who loves basketball and ballet, and how he was bullied for dancing ballet. The book was made into an “After School Special” shown on ABC-TV. It won a Peabody Award. (Marcia suspects it may have inspired Billy Elliot, a 2000 British coming-of-age comedy-drama film.)