Loretta Tito

Loretta Tito graduated from Oswego University (BS) and Fairfield University (MS). She taught for 35 years, including 32 at the Upper Nyack Elementary School. She also taught ESL at BOCES. Loretta is active in several book clubs and the Monday Study Class – a group requiring oral reports. She has traveled extensively, but her trip to Italy was particularly memorable, leading her to offer this class.

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I knew we were going to visit Mount Etna Volcano, a World Heritage site, but didn’t expect the strange other-worldly feeling we had while walking on its black, ashy, barren hills. Then a bride and groom arrived in a chauffeured car and posed on one black hill after another while photographers snapped photos from all angles. The volcano is a Destination Wedding place! Who knew? Come on a special tour of Sicily and share the many unusual experiences that I had.