Judith Rose

Judith Rose, the founder of Vital MovementTM, is an experienced educator, choreographer, published poet and movement artist. She has an extensive background in a variety of movement arts, therapeutic modalities and specialized trainings. Her private practice and therapeutic wellness work is located in Nyack, New York.

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Starry Nights: A Conversation between Pablo Neruda and Vincent van Gogh

Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) wrote his early love poems a few years after Vincent Van Gogh’s (1853-1890) death. Yet the vibratory energy of Van Gogh’s stunning and dizzying painting “Starry Night” seems to pulse through the vertiginous verses of Neruda’s earliest work La Poesia.  Had Neruda ever seen the painting or are we simply witnessing the phenomenon that Carl Jung called “Synchronicity”? Come and explore the mystery! Please note: Texts for the course will be sent as attachments for at-home printing together with the Zoom link. 

2.2.4 Meaningful Mysticism

The word Kabbalah means “The Receiving.” It refers to a system of sacred secrets passed down from teacher to disciple that explored life’s deepest mysteries. In our time together, we will share the study of a selection of these insights, as well as excerpts from the writings of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sufi mystics, along with words written by Jung, Steiner, Einstein, and the Transcendental poets. Together, we will work towards becoming more awake, more aware, and less afraid of the unknown. NEW!

A Vital Movement™ Workshop for Our Time

The times are calling upon us to be patient, adaptive, creative, and congruent as we face the chronic uncertainties and collective trauma of this epic moment in history. Join Judith Rose, the founder of Vital Movement™, for a unique movement journey, and return to the land of your body and soul. Our session will be a dynamic and fluid ritual designed to encourage healing and renewal through releasing embodied trauma and stress. You will need a cleared space, comfortable clothing, a sturdy armless chair, and a willing heart.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: A Literary Souk

Imagine walking through a lively Middle Eastern market filled with an exciting variety of literary wares! Sample and savor the stories, poems, essays, and parables that have left their mark on the heart of the reader. Note: Weekly texts will be emailed to students for at-home printing; the instructor will not be sharing them on the screen. NEW!

Vital MovementTM

Feel more vitally alive! Offer your body and spirit the gift of Vital Movement™, a unique program for wellness enhancement that integrates the teachings and principles of a variety of kinetic and artistic disciplines to provide effective, joyful, and restorative movement experiences for participants of all ages and levels of movement experience. Each class is a deeply focused, dynamic and fluid ritual that encourages growth and transformation. Please have a sturdy armless chair in your space. All new choreography!