Janine Evers

Janine Evers holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from Bard College, attended one year of the MFA program at The School of Visual Arts in NYC, has studied at The Art Students League, both the NYC and Woodstock locations, Parsons School of Design, as well as at numerous art schools and art associations. Her paintings are colorful abstractions that explore the structure of things both internally and externally. Her focus is on inventing a personal imagery of evolving organic forms, the relationships of color and how images exist together in space. She is interested in examining the interactions of form, striving to create a sense of connectedness while still maintaining the individuality of the forms within the framework of the painting. Janine is fascinated by how, on the surface, nature appears to be chaotic with so many elements and life forms all struggling to exist together. Upon looking deeper, however, one can see the odd and beautiful order that nature creates out of life’s chaos. Her paintings are explorations of this odd order – about making sense of small portions of the complexity of it all, and about creating a visual interpretation of the natural world.

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