Dr. Reji Mathew

Dr. Reji Mathew is an award-winning, expressive arts educator, psychotherapist, and intermodal artist. She is currently a clinical instructor in mental health at NYU. She is a frequent presenter for non-profits on disability and accessibility advocacy themes. She is also an Arts Reporter for the Disastershock Humanitarian Aid group and Advisor to the Rockland Conservatory of Music and Anti-Racist Art Educators. Her community-based arts workshops are to guide students to the joy and power of the arts as a tool for accessing daily resilience.

Related Courses

The Power of Pause: An Expressive Arts Approach for Stillness & Reflection

This expressive arts session with Dr. Reji Mathew is an invitation to explore stillness, mindfulness, and reflection through the expressive arts. Dr. Mathew will guide students through an intermodal journey through movement, imagination, visual art, music, and writing to cultivate our capacity to be aware of all the possibilities of wellness available to us. SPECIAL TIME