Dr. Marty O. Cohen

Dr. Marty O. Cohen has a doctorate in Nuclear Science and Engineering from Columbia University. He has lectured on history, science, and the historic approach to Bible at Road Scholar (nee Elderhostel) seminars, the Melton Institute, alumni associations, synagogues, culture clubs, and many times here at the Collaborative. He is a member of TLC board and is the catalog editor.

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The Amazing Biblical Books of Esther and Daniel

Esther and Daniel, the last two books to be added to the Hebrew Bible, were written and circulated in the province of Judah in response to the bitter persecutions of Antiochus IV, the Greek-Syrian despot of the 2nd century BCE. Esther became vitally important to Jews while Daniel became equally important to Christians. Join with Marty as we examine, from an historical point of view, key passages from these two books and see what they were really all about. NEW!

Let’s Take a Good Look at Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

Why did Shakespeare write this play? What do we make of it? Is it outright anti-Semitism, sympathy for the oppressed, or somewhere in between? (It would be helpful, but not essential, to have the text of the play in front of you during class.)

Science in the News

Every day, new and exciting discoveries and developments in the various fields of science are announced. In this course, the prior week’s most important scientific news items will be presented to the class and discussed. Participation by class members is encouraged.

The Amazing Biblical Book of Samuel

Foreign enemies, a leader who doesn’t want to step down when his time has come, passionate love, bitter hatred, forbidden sex, highly dysfunctional families, jealousy, revenge, plagues, and, of course, religion. It’s all there in the incredible biblical book of Samuel that chronicles events that took place over 3,000 years ago. Join with Marty as we explore key passages together and see what it all means today.