Dr. Marty O. Cohen

Dr. Marty O. Cohen has a doctorate in Nuclear Science and Engineering from Columbia University. He has lectured on history, science, and the historic approach to Bible at Road Scholar (nee Elderhostel) seminars, the Melton Institute, alumni associations, synagogues, culture clubs, and many times here at the Collaborative. He is a member of TLC board and is the catalog editor.

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1.1.1Z Jewish Literature in the Gap

In the years between the end of the Hebrew bible (ca. 333 BCE) and the origins of both the Rabbinic Period (which led to the Talmud) and the Christian New Testament (ca. 70CE), a vast amount of religious literature was produced. Most of these books have been lost but a great deal has survived. The bulk of it is referred to as the Apocrypha (included in Catholic and Christian Orthodox bibles) and the Pseudepigrapha. With much historical information added, we will explore some of these amazing books many of which, in their day, were more popular than the books deemed sacred by the authorities.