Dr. Duncan Rogers Lee II

Dr. Duncan Rogers Lee II is a local attorney and former acting Village Justice. His newspaper column “The Law and You” and his WRCR radio show of the same name ran for over a decade. He coaches the Nyack High School Mock Trial team.

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Bridging the Divide: Talking to People with Whom We Do Not Agree

If you use Facebook or other social media, if you attend School Board or Town Board meetings or read about them, then you have witnessed disagreeable people behaving disagreeably. While you cannot effectively change such people, you can change the nature of your interaction with them and this can lead to the beginning of learning to disagree without being disagreeable. This class will focus on techniques of dealing with people who are your polar opposites.

Constitutional Law: First Amendment Religious Freedom and the “Trump” Court

The class will review important Constitutional cases forming a framework for the extent to which government may be involved with or restrict religion. The last two classes will be devoted to recent and upcoming cases pitting the first amendment against the right to privacy, LGBTQ rights, and the rights of local governments to restrict religious institutions. (This course was last given seven semesters ago. Much of the material, and all of the material for the last two days, is new.) [Please note that this class will start at 9:45 am and end at 11:15 am.]

Hot Topics in Constitutional Law

This course will examine the Trump Impeachments, Trump and the 2020 Elections, First Amendment: Religious Freedom, and the Future of Roe v. Wade.