Dr. Ann Rothstein Segan

Dr. Ann Rothstein Segan has an interdisciplinary PhD in Expressive Arts for Social Change and is a research associate of the Living New Deal. Her current focus is the introduction of her father’s extraordinary photographic legacy to new audiences through articles, exhibitions, and illustrated lectures.

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A Century Of Progressive Photography Through The Lens Of Arthur Rothstein

Since the 1920s, photography has been a dynamic element of the cultural landscape, but images have also been used to document, expose, and explain societal problems. Governments and reform advocates have employed images and photo-stories to inspire or provoke political supporters and opponents at every level, from the neighborhood to the national. This course will draw on the life and work of Arthur Rothstein, one of America’s foremost documentary photographers and photojournalists, to explore the powerful influence of visual images and photo stories on our evolving national character. NEW!

Moving Pictures

Dr. Segan provides an intimate portrait of her father, the influential 20th century photojournalist Arthur Rothstein. She presents the photo-stories that highlight his pivotal role in the landmark New Deal-era documentary photography project that became a national treasure and explores the highlights of his fifty-year career that shaped the visual culture of post-war America during the Golden Age of picture magazines.