Anna de la Paz

Anna de la Paz,Spanish dance artist, is a performer, producer and educator, specializing in the classical and folkloric dances from Spain. After having studied extensively in Spain and in the US, she feels honored and privileged to share her art form on many important stages as a dancer, teacher and lecturer.

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Jewish Roots of Flamenco

Flamenco is an art form that arose in Spain, influenced by various populations passing through or living in the southern region of Andalusia. Beginning in the third century BC, Jews, Christians, Muslims and later the Roma people all contributed to Andalusian culture. This presentation will discuss flamenco and its Jewish connection.

Dance in Spain as Embodied Resistance

This will be an exploration of dance in Spain and its relationship to power throughout history. The class will study dance as an embodiment of resistance to the Reconquista during the Golden Age in Spain, the Napoleonic invasion, the subsequent fall of the Spanish empire, and finally the Spanish Civil War and the fascist Franco regime.