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On Thursday of Week Three, supplementing our schedule, we will have a special program at 5:30 pm.


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On Thursday of Week Three, instead of holding a 10:00 am class we will have a special program at 5:30 pm.


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American Anti-Semitism
Instructor: Dr. Marty O. Cohen

This session will examine the roles played by Ulysses S. Grant, Henry Ford, and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the story of American anti-Semitism.

Escape from Behind Enemy Lines  
Instructor: Rick Feingold

During WW II, an escape network operated in occupied France that returned down allied airmen to England. The network located the airmen and hid them from the Germans utilizing a series of safe-houses. Once a month – during dark of the moon – the men were transported to the Brittany coast and then to England. Rick will recount the story of how his father, an Army Air Force navigator, shot down over France, escaped Nazi capture. The escape story is told using letters, maps, photos, and the original fake identity cards.

From Allies to Enemies: 1945 to the Present
Instructor: Marty L. Cohen

This class will cover how the Cold War started at the end of World War II and how the United States dealt with the Soviet Union. [Special Note: This class was scheduled to be the last of  Marty’s six-class course during the 2023 spring semester. It was not given due to illness. Those who enjoyed the course but missed the last class can attend it now!]

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song
Instructor: Robin F. Brancato

Prior to our class, try to watch this documentary (1 hour, 55 minutes), directed by Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine (streamed on Netflix, Prime Video, and elsewhere).

How the 10,000 Year Clock and Other Projects Foreshadow a Sustainable, Brighter Future
Instructor: Jim Evers

The 10,000 Year Clock is a project of an organization called The Longview. We will discuss the organization, the clock, and other projects that point to a brighter future. From this, you hopefully will be more confident about having informed hope for the future.

How to Begin to Write a Memoir
Instructor: Ronni Miller

This is a hands-on writing workshop to experience ways to initiate the writing of a memoir. Simple exercises from Miller’s nationally known Write It Out® program provide methods to utilize feelings and memories to begin to write your story.

How Will My Assets Pass When I Pass? 
Instructor: Courtney E. Boniface

We will discuss the five basic ways that assets pass upon our deaths. You will learn why how you own an asset is a crucial part of assembling a cost- and tax- efficient estate plan. We will discuss what assets should always pass by beneficiary designation (and never through your will or trust) as well as what probate or administration (when you die without a will) is really like in Rockland County.

It’s Not Just Money, It’s Life and Beyond
Instructor: Beth Blecker

Your money should serve you and your goals, not the other way around. Travel, retirement, stability – your dreams are within reach. Then when it is time to leave what you have to your heirs, you are making it easy for them.

My Experience Owning a Full Electric Vehicle
Instructor: Vincent Cina

In this presentation, Vincent provides an overview of electric vehicles (EVs), including charging and range – two most common questions about them. We will also discuss his experience operating an EV as a daily local driver and on two long trips totaling over 4,000 miles. He will leave sufficient time for your questions at the end of the presentation.

Paul Robeson vs. the House Un-American Activities Committee
Instructor: Richard Markowitz

In 1956, the distinguished bass-baritone, actor and civil rights activist Paul Robeson was summoned to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). In spite of declining health and emotional vulnerability, he defended himself with eloquence and forthrightness. We will hear interviews and speeches in which Robeson expressed his political and ideological beliefs, as well as his appearance before HUAC. To follow along (highly recommended), you may request texts in advance. Forward your email address to Richard at and he will email the texts to you before the class

Picasso and the Women – Reconsidered
Instructor: Sandra Martin

This year is the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death. There are many art exhibitions looking at his contributions from different points of view. Let’s look at Picasso’s art through the eight main women in his life: Fernande, Eva, Olga, Marie Therese, Dora, Francoise, Genevieve, and Jacqueline. He painted them all through his blue, rose, cubist, classical, and surrealist periods. And can we separate the man from his art?

Reading Aloud a Shakespeare Dialogue
Instructor: Alice Twombly

Using short scenes from two plays, pairs of students will read aloud and interpret scenes from Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet.  Click here to download the scenes used in the class (PDF).

Reading Aloud a Shakespeare Soliloquy
Instructor: Alice Twombly

This is an examination of reading techniques and of seeing different ways of reading a line. Class members will have a chance to read aloud Marc Antony’s speech “O pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth” from Julius Caesar and Romeo’s speech “O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright” in Romeo and JulietClick here to download the speeches (PDF).

Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator
Instructor: Tom DeStefano

Reagan was the 40th President of the US. His early life as a lifeguard, Hollywood actor, head of the Screen Actors Guild, and political life will be covered with special attention given to his presidential years (1981-1989.)

The Broken Constitution: Is It Really Broken?
Instructor: Mike Rossi

Should the Constitution be revamped? Is it a viable document? Has every President abided by constitutional law?

The Company Town – Factory Work in the Gilded Age, -Sparrows Point, Maryland
Instructor: Rick Feingold

Steel factories and coal mines built company towns in the late 19th century to house their workers. The company owner controlled the schools, prohibited the sale of alcohol, and established a moral police force to keep records of the behavior of residents. Obedience to the boss was required. Residents shopped at the company store. Infractions of the rules resulted in sudden evictions. Features “Sixteen Tons” (“I Sold My Soul to the Company Store”.).

The Life & Times of Sister Adele Myers
Instructor: Dr. Carl Rattner

Adele Myers was a unique woman.  As a Sparkill Dominican she eventually found her calling as a teacher, advocate and administrator. She founded the Art Department at St. Thomas Aquinas College and created the Thorpe Intermedia Gallery whose unique exhibits were often reviewed by the NY Times. Adele was also a gifted artist.  Her work, always spiritually inspired, evolved from the traditional into something quite modern.

The Power of Pause: An Expressive Arts Approach for Stillness & Reflection
Instructor: Dr. Reji Mathew

This expressive arts session with Dr. Reji Mathew is an invitation to explore stillness, mindfulness, and reflection through the expressive arts. Dr. Mathew will guide students through an intermodal journey through movement, imagination, visual art, music, and writing to cultivate our capacity to be aware of all the possibilities of wellness available to us. SPECIAL TIME

The Unknown Hans Christian Andersen
Instructor: Richard Markowitz

Andersen’s fairy tales are known and loved the world over, but they have eclipsed his output as novelist, playwright, poet, travel writer, and autobiographer. His work in each of these genres, and as a graphic artist, will be examined and discussed. To follow along (highly recommended), you may request texts in advance.  Forward your email address to Richard at and he will email the texts to you before the class. [This class was originally scheduled for summer session 2022, but was preempted because of the instructor’s bout with COVID.]

The Wonder of Wild Mushrooms
Instructor: Howard B. Goldstein, M.D.

An illustrated introduction to identifying and safely collecting wild mushrooms in Rockland County.

The X-Rated Story of “Venus in Furs” 
Instructor: Judith Rose

In 1555, Titian painted a portrait of Venus, which caused a great scandal in its time. The brouhaha was NOT inspired by the graphic nudity of the goddess, but by the furs surrounding her form. Learn the true reason for this “Shande,” and then savor the many works of art and letters that continue to be spawned because of it. No one under 18 admitted! Please note: A text packet for at-home printing is available by clicking here. There will be no screen-sharing in this course.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Instructor: Dr. Alan J. Pierce

In this presentation we will look at what AI can do today, explore its early development, and the also look at the major jumps that allowed it grow so powerful. A PowerPoint that includes images and a short video clip will help you to understand this amazing technology. With ChatGPT live on our viewing screen, we will be able to see how it responds to a question generated by our class.

Vermeer: Master of Light
Instructor: Suzanne Altman

This is the year of the largest ever retrospective of Vermeer’s works to be held in The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam. While seeing the exhibit in person is not possible, (it has been sold out for months,), the class will provide an overview of Vermeer’s life, milieu, and the astonishing paintings he produced that have captivated museum goers for centuries.

Votes for Women: American Suffragists
Instructor: Mike Rossi

For nearly 150 years, American women did not have the right to vote. On August 18, 1920, they won that right! But what happened before and has occurred after that date?

Why We Need to Sharpen Our Imaginations and Creativity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Instructor: Jim Evers

AI will be doing more and more of the rational and linear thinking required in all fields. This releases us to be speculating and prototyping possibilities and creative solutions to complex problems. We will discuss a process for this and a way for collaborating with AI.