The Summer 2023 session starts on June 5th!
Registration is open now!

Our program brings together people who now have the time and the freedom to take classes for fun and who enjoy the real pleasure of continuing to learn.

The curriculum is patterned after successful national programs designed to meet the educational interests of the retired community.


Welcome to the Summer 2023 Session of The Learning Collaborative

The Learning Collaborative’s 2023 Summer (June) Program is extra special this year. Instead of asking you to choose which class to take on a given day at a given time, we have spread your class choices out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for four consecutive weeks. You have the possibility of attending twenty-four excellent courses all for the tuition fee of just $60 (or $85 for two people at the same terminal).  Even if you don’t wish to attend the all the offered classes – it still represents the best bargain that we can possibly offer you.

We believe that once again we are presenting a wonderful selection of courses for your learning and pleasure and we do hope to see you, whether in person, by Zoom, or by a combination of both.

Best regards,

Marty O. Cohen
Catalog Editor

A Note from The Learning Collaborative Board

To sustain The Learning Collaborative, I ask all our students to engage in a “membership drive” to attract new participants to our Programs. The Covid pandemic, and other factors, have reduced enrollment over the past few years. We are sure first time participants will be pleased with the TLC experience - please assist us in finding them. Thank you for helping!

Sam Mazen
TLC Board of Directors

TLC Students

comments From Our Students

The Learning Collaborative is a proud partner of New City Jewish Center. Please check out their website for additional programming opportunities.