Our program brings together people who now have the time and the freedom to take classes for fun and who enjoy the real pleasure of continuing to learn.

The curriculum is patterned after successful national programs designed to meet the educational interests of the retired community.


Welcome to the Winter 2022 Session of The Learning Collaborative

For the upcoming Winter Program of The Learning Collaborative, we had prepared a combination of both Zoom and in-person classes - the latter under very controlled conditions in accordance with the guidelines of the CDC. By now you are all aware of the new COVID variant that is making its way around the USA. We are also sensitive to the challenge that each variant's learning curve presents to the medical, scientific, and overall population.

With this in mind, we have decided that at this time we have to fall back (temporarily, we hope, until the Spring) to Zoom-only classes for the Winter program. We will watch and listen carefully to all reliable updates and ask you to please understand that it is your well-being (and that of those close to you) that we aim to protect.

Above all, please stay safe and well as we move into this year's holiday season.

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The Learning Collaborative is a proud partner of New City Jewish Center. Please check out their website for additional programming opportunities.