THE Spring 2024 Session 2

The Spring 2024 session 2 starts April 1st

Our program brings together people who now have the time and the freedom to take classes for fun and who enjoy the real pleasure of continuing to learn.

The curriculum is patterned after successful national programs designed to meet the educational interests of the retired community.


Welcome to the Spring 2024 Session!

Welcome back for the 34th semester of The Learning Collaborative.

We have determined by polling that both our students and our instructors are split on the question of holding onsite or Zoom courses. So we’re trying to accommodate both sides. For the spring, we are offering both options so that all our students and teachers can satisfy their preferences (You can select a combination of both venues).

In order to maximize your number of choices, we are again offering (as we did for our successful fall 2023 program) two back-to-back sessions with classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Both sessions will offer one onsite and one Zoom course during each of two timeslots on each day.

The classes, being spread over three weekdays, allow us to present 24 options for you and you can attend up to 12 of them.

There is a minimum of two courses for signup. However, if you sign up for five courses (which some people do), you will get a pass to all classes allowing you attend up to the maximum of 12 courses. What a nice way to make the spring something to remember!

For session one, beginning on Monday, February 19, all classes of a course will be held on six consecutive weeks. But due to Passover, as observed at NCJC, session two will run for three weeks, have a two-week gap, and then continue for three remaining weeks. The detailed schedule is presented in the catalog, on page 12.

Onsite classrooms will be well ventilated. Masks are optional. Coffee and tea will be available. There will be lunch space onsite but the details have not yet been worked out.

Important Class Notes:

  • Mike Rossi’s class will not meet 2/20, the normal first day. Instead, it will meet for five Tuesdays starting on 2/27. Each class will start at 9:45 and end at 11:15, thus being 90 minutes long. As an extra, on 2/20, Bert Greenberg will host a TED talk, to which all are invited.
  • Joan Mallory’s Opera course (during the second session) will start one week late but each class will be 15 minutes longer to make up for the time lost.

We believe that we are presenting a wonderful selection of courses for your learning and pleasure and we do hope to see you, whether in person, by Zoom, or by a combination of both.

Best regards,
Marty Cohen
Catalog Editor

TLC Students

comments From Our Students

"The Learning Collaborative is a miracle - a coming together of bright and creative minds to build a home of learning for its own sake! Consider the lushness of its diverse offerings and the expertise of each faculty member. And then consider the thirst and passion for knowledge, honed by life experience, that each student brings to the classroom."

So says one of our instructors, Judith Rose, an eclectic teacher of movement, poetry, and all things mystical.

The Learning Collaborative is a proud partner of New City Jewish Center. Please check out their website for additional programming opportunities.