The Summer 2022 Session starts on June 14

Our program brings together people who now have the time and the freedom to take classes for fun and who enjoy the real pleasure of continuing to learn.

The curriculum is patterned after successful national programs designed to meet the educational interests of the retired community.


Welcome to the Summer 2022 Session of The Learning Collaborative

With the announcement of our Summer 2022 program, The Learning Collaborative completes a third year of course offerings via Zoom only. I wish to thank everyone who helped to sustain TLC since the arrival of the Covid pandemic - our stalwart student participants; our group of talented and dedicated instructors; New City Jewish Center and Executive Director Jessica Trokel, in particular, for administrative assistance; Mike Loewenberg (MESH) for developing and managing our website, now completing two years in operation; and finally the members of our Board who have worked diligently to deal with all the unexpected issues arising over these three years. Please explore the course offerings and plan your participation, and please encourage others to become first time participants in our “Never Stop Learning” experience.

The curriculum, as usual, covers an extremely wide range of topics. We are confident that once you’ve reviewed the courses presented in this catalog you will be able to find much that is of interest to you.

Stay safe, be well, and we look forward to the return of in-person classes ... hopefully sooner than later.

Sam Mazen,
TLC Chair

TLC Students

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The Learning Collaborative is a proud partner of New City Jewish Center. Please check out their website for additional programming opportunities.